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Our clients aren't in the business of doing EDI, and we found more clients were asking us to look after it for them.  By providing a Fully Managed Service, it meant EDI suddenly became quicker, cheaper, and easier.  No longer was EDI a roadblock to acquiring new business.  

Our Fully Managed Service means we look after the setup and configuration of new EDI, ongoing monitoring and issue resolution, and the hosting, backups, and security.

Setup and Configuration

Monitoring and Issue Resolution

Managed Environment

Hosting, security, storage, backups, and upgrades.



Crossfire Cloud EDI is a fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). We aim to make EDI simple, quick, and easy through the use of our in-house EDI experts.

To get started we follow the 4 basic steps:

  1. Tell us who you want to do EDI with i.e. your trading partners.
  2. Determine EDI message standard to be used - we can find this out for you if needed (we have an extensive library of EDI standards).
  3. Find out what data format your application uses to process or produce EDI data - again we can find this out for you if needed.
  4. We then complete testing to ensure a robust service and that everything works, then you’re ready to conduct EDI!

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"We process over 40,000 messages a day and Crossfire breezes through it. One of the reasons we chose Crossfire was for its flexibility - we win business because we can comply with our customers' EDI requirements."

Marissa Monteroso
Logistics IT Manager, Mainfreight